Monday 10 September 2018

Applying database principal through out the server (for all databases) for a particular user

Ever come across a requirement which you required to give db_datareader access to a specific user across all the databases on a particular SQL Server. The task is simple as long as you don’t have many databases in the same SQL Server. How ever if the number of databases are very high this can be a very time consuming one.

This can be done either using the GUI (SSMS) or using a T-SQL script. We will consider both options.

Using SQL Server Management Studio

In order to illustrate this we will create a SQL Login ‘db_user_read_only’ with ‘public’ server role and on the user mapping, we will apply the db_datareader principal.




Like mentioned it would be easy to use the GUI when you have less number of databases. But if the SQL Server contains lots of databases this will be a very time consuming job. Then it would be very handy to use the latter approach.

Using T-SQL

You can use the following script to apply the db_datareader principal across all the databases on a particular server.

	,@UserId AS VARCHAR(MAX) = 'YourLoginId'
USE [?];
IF EXISTS (SELECT 0 FROM sys.database_principals AS DP WHERE name = ''',@UserId,''')
	EXEC sys.sp_change_users_login ''update_one'',''',@UserId,''',''',@UserId,'''
	CREATE USER [',@UserId,'] FOR LOGIN [',@UserId,']
	ALTER ROLE [db_datareader] ADD MEMBER [',@UserId,']
EXEC sys.sp_MSforeachdb 
	@command1 = @Sql
	,@replacechar = '?'

Please note the following:

  • On the above code I haven’t excluded the system databases.
  • If the login exists on the database it will map the database user using sp_change_users_login

Hope this might be very useful to you.